Customer Service Centre




Central Park prides itself in the provision of outstanding customer service to its tenants. An integral part of this service, is the provision of a full time Customer Services Officer dedicated to ensuring all customer service requests are responded to in a timely, accurate and appropriate manner.


All maintenance requests are submitted via the Customer Service Centre option on the web menu. Requests received are awarded a job number to enable prompt allocation of the task to in-house handymen, external contractors or a service technician.  The Customer Service Officer ensures requests are actioned appropriately and monitors requests to their completion.


Following are examples of the services that can be arranged through Central Park Management at tenant's expense.

  • Installation/relocation of power points
  • Repair door hardware
  • Minor Electrical work
  • Hanging pictures
  • Installation of minor shelving
  • Installation of signs (purchased by tenant)
  • Painting
  • Plumbing
  • Furniture relocations and rubbish disposal
  • Additional keys cut 
  • Additional cleaning tasks
  • Additional Security and security card replacements
  • Replacement Light bulbs
  • Unblocking drains
  • Blind repairs
  • Air conditioning
  • Repairs to dishwashers, coffee machines and boiling water units

In addition to the above, the Customer Service Centre can source and purchase parts, assist in tenant specific building emergency testing, and liaise with Managers and Contractor Services.