Central Park is a significant landmark within the Perth CBD. Architects Forbes and Fitzhardinge, designed the building in an angular yet simple form to create a unique statement on Perth’s skyline. 

Finished with beautiful polished granite, the building is designed to accentuate space and light through the lobby.  

Central Park has breathtaking 360 degree views through double glazed hermetically sealed external windows, with slim line venetian blinds providing sun protection where necessary. 

Extending into Central Park’s lobby space by way of a soaring glass canopy sits a 5,000sqm landscaped park; an inviting spot to meet with colleagues for coffee or a leisurely lunch.  


A series of beautiful and intriguing artworks by Brian McKay are installed in the lobby with an interesting story. In 1964 Brian and his family had left Australia to live and work on the small island of Kythera just off the edge of the Pelaponnisos in Greece. 

Wandering around the island, he would draw and study paintings of the architecture and landscape, including the small Byzantine chapels. Entering one of the smallest of these he saw and copied an ancient Greek script that was etched into the wall of the crypt.

Later settling in London, Brian visited the British Museum in 1968 and saw a display of calligraphic engravings on limestone blocks and identified the script as similar to that in the small chapel in Greece, which turned out to be a 9th century Cyrillic script derived from Byzantine Greek.

Brian was so mesmerised by the script that he had to include it into his artwork, bringing a piece of the ancient world into a twenty first century. The text has no literal meaning however each letter form was chosen purely for the beauty of its design and its position in the overall artwork.